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We are thrilled to introduce the first in our collection of special blogs featuring artists from the UK who use their talents and skills to showcase their love for K-culture!

Techno-Spartans are a group of unique entertainers who perform K-pop dance choreographies in the most unique way, and we love the passion they have for their art. With a name as unique as they are, read on to find out how they evolved from their early days to the phenomenon they are now!


The Techno-Spartans originally started in Sept 2021 from one halo cosplayer performing as 'Spartan Glowbot' at the first event being at Fresher's Week in Sheffield. The interest began with general music and developed to K-Pop during the lockdowns in the UK, and once it finished, the Techno-Spartans formed in the following September for professional entertainment services. The one-man show grew popular very quickly and became the now Techno-Spartans comprised of 12 committed and enthusiastic members.


Particularly meaningful events where we have introduced K-Pop include the Sheffield festival Out of This World, Manchester Gaming Social "Format" and Maltby Live Burlesque and variety act show. And of course, we continue to do our best to add to events already showcasing K-Pop such as our recent performance at MCM Birmingham, performing at the UK launch event for the K-Pop Idols "Rocking Dolls" as well as various club nights playing K-Pop across the country.

Monsta Events Leeds

In just over the last few months, Techno-Spartans has performed at a wide range of venues all over the UK, with no event being too big or too small, at any given season:

Monsta Nottingham, Format, Dynamite Night at History Manchester, MegaCon Manchester, Popworld Freshers Mania Sheffield, Elite Promotions Night: Sheffield, Comic-Con: MCM Birmingham, Sheffield Christmas Lights Switch on Event, PUMA private party, For the Love of Sci-Fi Manchester, Dozymmobuosi Foundation All White Party event in London, NYE nights at Chester: Rosies Club and also Portrait Bar Birmingham, Playkrown London Chinese New Year Night.


For Techno-Spartans, the highlights at all these events have been when K-Pop fans unexpectedly approached them from the crowd to express how much they love K-Pop, and also the fact that they recognise the K-Pop designs on their costumes.

K-Pop was seamlessly integrated into the team's performances over time and thus the iconic brand of cosplayers performing to K-Pop in LED spartan armour was built. Since then, more K-Pop dancers have joined them from Sheffield's K-Pop group "Shoshin" and the team performs in its LED cosplays across the UK. Interests vary across the team but are brought together by the common strand of cosplay, K-Pop, and performing.

Using spartan LED suits themed after their favourite K-Pop groups, they now include K-Pop in their appearances whenever they can so as to bring a fresh variation of K-Pop dance performances to both K-Pop audiences and non-K-Pop audiences alike. Their performances come from bands such as BTS, Stray Kids, ATEEZ, Blackpink, Seventeen, with firm favourites in LED being Mic Drop, Fire, Maniac, and Kill This Love. They are always bringing new and fresh choreographies to their performances, so make sure to look out for their next one!

The Future

Much of what Techno-Spartans has achieved so far has been unplanned and well-received, which has encouraged them to continuously push the boundaries of what they bring to their performances and push as hard as they can, going into the unknown. They acknowledge that so much of our success has come down to the love and support people have shown them. They love what they do because there's no other feeling like seeing an audience excited to see them perform, knowing that they have created some amazing memories for others.

They want to keep pushing the momentum and perform K-Pop at more and more events across the UK, going as high as they can with more prestigious events and to even bigger audiences with the sky being the limit! By the end of 2024, their aim is to go international!

The LKS Team wishes Techno-Spartans all the best with their future endeavours and hopes they fulfil their dream of performing overseas in the near future!

If you would like more information about Techno-Spartans or would like to book them for your event, check out their socials below:

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