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Hallyu Con 2021 Live from London is Healing with Hallyu!

We at London Kpop Street are thrilled that Hallyu Con is this month's special blogger, showcasing the 2021 event edition.

At the heart of Hallyu Con is a platform that shares, showcases and celebrates the Korean Wave in its diverse forms. It provides a unique space where enthusiasts of Korean culture and Kpop can engage in immersive events, share their experiences and connect with one another. For those new to Hallyu Con, it is an annual London-based event organised by UK-based communities that actively engage with, and promote Korean culture.

This year's edition promises to bring all the Hallyu fun of 2020 and so much more!

Hallyu Con Live from London is quickly establishing itself as the Hallyu event not to miss, either as a participant or a viewer. With its aptly named theme for 2021, Healing with Hallyu, we couldn't be more excited to support the event as its official sponsors and provide prizes for the challenge winners (all participants get a unique LKS discount code too!).

We can't wait for the Live Streaming event on the 4th of September - find out more from their blog below.

Healing with Hallyu all the way,

LKS Team


Hallyu Con Live from London is here to stay!

The Korean Cultural Centre UK (KCCUK) and the Korean wave communities are proud to host the second edition of ‘Hallyu Con 2021 Live from London’.

This one-day online event, which celebrates and showcases the Hallyu Wave and the popularity of Korean pop culture worldwide, will be live-streamed directly from London on Saturday 4th September 2021 at 2pm, through KCCUK and Hallyu Con’s YouTube channel.

This year’s festival will be centred around the theme ‘Healing with Hallyu’ to highlight the hosts’ wish to connect Korean culture enthusiasts and K-Pop fans alike. The event will be free of charge and accessible to people all around the globe to join in on the live stream event.

To further reinforce the spirit of togetherness, this year’s event will also include opportunities for members from the audience to get involved and be featured in a few segments and join the live event.

Our MCs, Sophia Tang and Shai from The K-Way will be hosting the event which will include performances by Korean girl group Laboum 라붐 (members YuJeong & SoYeon), which will then be accompanied by Korean fashion displays (hanbok and contemporary), beauty, drama/film, music discussion with well-known influencers and much more....

Showcase of Korean fashion - insight into traditional and contemporary hanbok creation, as well as contemporary high street fashion;

Overview of Korean food - straight from the streets of London with influencers and content creators that are well known to the Hallyu community;

Highlights of Korean fitness trends - gaining in popularity as a result of the global pandemic and a Taekwondo demonstration by UK team Livingwell TKD, which will definitely surprise viewers;

Insight into Korean dramas and films - those that have left strong impressions on the UK and other European fans and much more.

And if all of this is not enough to convince you to tune in, how about the opportunity to win prizes during the live stream?

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Event Details:

Date: Saturday 4 September 2021 | 2pm (UK Time), 10pm (Korea Time), 9am (Eastern Time)

Venue: YouTube (@HallyuConOfficial & @TheKCCUK)

Supported by: Korean Foundation for International Cultural Exchange (KOFICE); Hallyu Com-On

Presented by: Korean Cultural Centre UK (KCCUK) & The Korean Wave Community (My Wave Collective, UK Ahgase and UK Monbebe)

Sponsored by: London Kpop Street, Yemoo, Su Stage Costume, Yujin Hanbok, Mori Mori, London Hanbok, Heohwan Simulation, TheKam, Post December, Kreaon

We look forward to seeing you then!

Hallyu Con 2021 Team


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