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All LKS customers get shopping rewards!

All LKmembers get extra members-only benefits!


Read below and see our FAQs to find out more!

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Every £1 you spend               =    5 points

Become an LKS member    =    150 points

Follow us on                            =    30 points

Follow us on                            =    50 points

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       100 points earned    =    £1 off

       1000 points                =    10% off

       Refer a friend and both of you will get 10% off your next orders*

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LKS MEMBER ONLY REWARDS* (in addition to above)

       Instant 150 points for joining

       Exclusive access to Weverse Shop merch

       (please see Weverse FAQs below on how to order)

       10% off twice a year on jewellery from our website

       Special yearly gift from LKS

       Early notification of offers, updates, events & giveaways

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Rewards Program FAQs

How do I join?

Please go to the login section at the top of the website and either login or create a new account - it's free!

I'm already a member, will I earn points from my previous purchases?

Yes, points will be automatically added for your previous orders made from 1st March 2021.

How do I check how many points I have earned and can redeem?

Check the blue rewards icon on the bottom left of your screen - it will show you how to earn points, how many points you have earned, how much you can redeem, points history etc.

How soon can I redeem my points?

As soon as you have enough points earned from your previous orders, you can redeem them on your next order.

Can I redeem my points for pre-orders and advance orders?

Yes! You can redeem your points as you wish as long as you have enough to earn discounts.

Is there a minimum spend to earn points?

Yes, you must spend at least £15 to earn points.

How do I redeem my points?

Check the rewards icon on the bottom left of the screen - you will be given a unique code that you can use for your next order at checkout.

Can I redeem my points whenever I want?

Yes! You can wait to redeem your points whenever you want. But once the code to redeem has been used, your earned points will be removed from the total.

You can see your points activity on the rewards icon.

Can I choose how many points to redeem?

Yes, depending on how many points you have earned, you can redeem as many points as you like. The points used will be removed from your previous total and any new points earned will be added to your updated total.

Is shopping from LKS the only way to earn points?

Not at all! 

You can also:

- follow us on Instagram and Twitter to earn points

- become an LKS member to earn 150 points

- refer a friend to get next order discounts

*How do I refer a friend?

This is done at the checkout page - write the full name of the friend in the 'add a note' section. Once your friend has placed an order with us, we will send you both a one-off 10% off discount code to use in your next order (terms and conditions will apply).

Can I refer more than one friend?

Yes! You can do the same as above, listing all your friends' names. The discount codes will be sent to you when your friends have placed orders with us (terms and conditions will apply).

Do you have any other rewards other than getting money off in-store?

Yes! We will be partnering with other businesses soon where you can enjoy more LKS member benefits!

What happens when you cancel an order?

Sadly your earned points will be removed and amended on your rewards profile.


How do I order Weverse merch?

Email us at with the subject heading as 'Weverse order'. In your email, please state:

- What item(s) you would like (please use the title of the item as listed on Weverse)

- Quantity of each item

- Your Full Name and Address

When we receive your email order, we will check availability and then send you an invoice for the purchase, including shipping if applicable. Once you have confirmed you want to continue with the purchase and we have received your payment, we will make the order and update you when to expect delivery.

Can I only order BTS items from the Weverse shop?

No, you can order anything available from the Weverse Shop.

Do I still get free shipping?

Yes, on orders over £40 for the UK, and over £50 for the rest of Europe & the US.

Can I combine Weverse orders with other items from your website?

You can, but please note that, as with advance orders and pre-orders, Weverse items may take a bit longer to reach us from Korea. When we confirm your order, we will email you estimated delivery times. If you would like the in-stock items as soon as possible, then we recommend separating the orders to ensure quickr delivery of these.

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*Terms & Conditions

- Joining points will automatically be allocated within 24 hours of joining.


- Weverse ordering applicable to any item found on the Weverse shop app, subject to availability.

There will be limited quantities per item and we will notify you by email if these are out of stock at time of placing an order.

To place an order, please see FAQs above.


- Discount on jewellery items valid for 12 months on 2 separate orders from 5 June 2021 for existing members and members joining up to that date (a unique code will be emailed). Members joining after 5 June 2021 will receive discount code valid for use twice in 12 months in due course.


- Yearly gift provided will be at the discretion of London Kpop Street.


- Monthly newsletters are sent around in the first week of the month by email.