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LKS February 2021 - Love Yourself with La Bouclette

Updated: Mar 1, 2021


Hi Everyone! We do hope that you are well. This month brings us Valentine’s Day and while it is traditionally considered a time to confess one’s feelings to that special someone and make them feel loved, we at LKS believe it is also the perfect time to celebrate the love we should have for ourselves! We should remind ourselves to cherish, and cheer our efforts and successes, be they big or small.

We are very excited to introduce our guest blogger for this month - La Bouclette!

This up-and-coming jewellery brand originating from South Korea is already hugely popular for bringing trendy and bespoke pieces based on K-Fashion trends! We absolutely adore the beautifully artistic jewellery created by La Bouclette and are delighted to bring you an exclusive range of customisable La Bouclette bracelets, especially designed for our customers.

The blog brings you the story on La Bouclette: how the brand came into being, the unique jewellery made, and their commendable aims and aspirations. Going beyond creating fashion accessories, La Bouclette encourages us, as a global community, to embrace the notion of loving ourselves, a concept that we also embrace, as seen with our own LKS designs.

Please do read on for this month's fascinating blog and the details on our fab February Love Yourself Giveaway [Please note that the Giveaway has now closed 01/03/2021]




We believe that the reason for wearing something is because of the way that item makes you feel. At La Bouclette, we want to go beyond making our customers feel confident or pretty and make them feel deservedly special. With this in mind, our aim is always to create unique jewellery with distinctive designs and a wide range of customizable accessories. From the initial design to the final packaging, our wish is for you to feel unique and special.

And with that was born our motto at La Bouclette: Feeling special with unique jewellery.


Since the age of 7 I was accustomed to jewellery playing a significant role in my life, because my mother was a jewellery designer, and so I learnt crafting skills with her. My mother is my model, she always fought for her dreams and gave me that desire to achieve what I want. I learnt by seeing her handcrafting jewellery at home. She gave a smile on all her customers faces and shared with me that amazing sensation to make someone feel special.

I studied industrial design, and during my studies I learnt how to draw and it boosted my capacity to imagine and create unique jewellery. Whilst spending 1 year in Canada and travelling 2 months between United-States, France and United Kingdom, I was amazed at the impact that K-culture was having around the world in terms of music, cosmetics and fashion. This is why I decided to explore the opportunity of making women all around the world feel unique and special by owning bespoke Korean handmade jewellery, inspired by Korean trends and fashion.


It is a Korean brand with a French name! As my husband is a French citizen, I wanted to broaden our brand to be multicultural. For me, I came up with a brand name that means something simple, yet uniquely endearing: ‘La Bouclette– French for “small earring”.


We were established in September 2019 and our aim is to make ourselves accessible to all, providing high quality handcrafted products at affordable prices, internationally.

We have a wide range of unique jewellery, including our exclusive seasonal jewellery box, which follows Korean trends, thus making it possible for all our customers to be able to discover and enjoy the latest in K-fashion with just a few clicks on our website! We are handmaking earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets, anklets and accessories. We also make bespoke jewellery, and if you contact us, we can together personalize earrings, bracelets and necklaces.


We aim for La Bouclette to be not only be a simple jewellery brand, but rather a global community of people united by the opportunity to feel unique and special through our bespoke jewellery. For the future, we wish to expand our brand from jewellery to popular Korean brand cosmetics, making them easily accessible and affordable.

Thank you for reading our story and thank you to all those who have supported us continually, enabling our dreams to become a reality!




[Please note that the Giveaway has now closed 01/03/2021]


As well as our special range of La Bouclette/LKS bracelets, we are also thrilled to be announcing our special Love Yourself with La Bouclette giveaway!

This Valentine’s Day, we have collaborated with La Bouclette to celebrate BTS’ UNICEF ‘Love Yourself’ Campaign with the launch of the “Love Yourself” bracelet and bring you our very special February Giveaway, this time with TWO giveaway prizes for TWO lucky winners!

First Prize (worth over £42!): A pair of beautiful La Bouclette Earrings and an LKS BTS themed Love Yourself T-Shirt!

Second Prize (worth over £25): A pair of beautiful La Bouclette Earrings and an LKS Inspirational Greetings Card!

To qualify for the Giveaway please follow ALL 3 steps below between 8 - 28 February 2021 (Giveaway ends 12am GMT on 28 February 2021) and we will enter you into our Giveaway Draw after 01/03/2021! Includes International Customers!:

1. Purchase a pre-order on a 'Love Yourself' bracelet by visiting our page here. 5% of the profits made by LKS will go towards the BTS Unicef Love Yourself Campaign

2. Follow London Kop Street on Instagram (if you already follow us, this step is complete!)

3. Follow La Bouclette on Instagram (if you already follow them, this step is complete!)

- To increase your chances of winning the Giveaway please read and follow the step below:

Pre-ordering more than one bracelet (any design) will increase the number of entries you get in the Giveaway Draw. So, if you pre-order 2 more bracelets in addition to the 'Love Yourself' bracelet, you will have 3 entries in the draw! Visit our La Bouclette @ London Kpop Street page and place your order today! The list of those who qualify will be entered into our Giveaway Draw after 01/03/2021 and 2 lucky winners will be selected with a random winner generator.

This is the perfect opportunity to purchase your own bracelet showcasing the love you have for yourself, your special other, or your favourite K-Pop band. If you would like to order a bracelet with the name of a band not already available in our online shop, please do get in touch with us at! Whether you purchase for yourself or someone else special in your life, we are sure that you and they will cherish the beautiful style created by La Bouclette.

Don’t forget to check out La Bouclette’s website to stay on trend with the latest elegant Korean jewellery!

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