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New Year Special Guest Blog: KPop Singer and YouTuber Zozo, plus a new LKS Giveaway! (15/01/2021)

Updated: Jan 23, 2021

Happy New Year everyone! We hope that you are safe and well in these very difficult times.

To bring you a fabulous start to 2021 we present a very special guest blog and New Year Giveaway worth over £25 (details below)!

Our guest blog has been written by Zozo, a talented K-Pop Vocalist and YouTuber (Zozoann) who is sharing her ’10 Step Korean Skincare Routine’ plus a special offer on the products at YesStyle! Zozo has been interested in KPop since 2009 and has been a KPop artist since 2011. In 2018, Zozo won the KPop World festival regional round for the UK and she has been singing at the London MCM Comic Con for 5 years.

Recently, Zozo has been creating and singing English covers of KPop songs on YouTube, celebrating KPop comebacks, hot off the press! She loves singing in Korean, but wanted to translate the songs into English to spread their meaning and make KPop accessible to a wider audience. We are fans of Zozo and encourage you to check out and subscribe to her YouTube channel so you never miss her awesome videos, and can increase your chances of winning our Giveaway (details below the blog)! She always looks amazing when she performs with her own unique musical style whilst respecting and staying true to the original version. Whilst Zozo loves spreading the love for K-Pop through her English covers, she tells us that she can’t wait to actually sing on stage again and meet fellow KPop fans in person!

We are sure you are excited to read on for the '10 Step Korean Skincare Routine' and how to obtain the discount on the great products from YesStyle, so enjoy, and we look forward to writing to you again soon! The details of our New Year Giveaway are also below!

Stay well and keep smiling!

LKS Team



- Blog Author: Zozo

Happy New Year KPOP fans!

Last year was undoubtedly one of the hardest for us all; 2020 has not been kind to us and so now, more than ever, it is important to ‘Love Yourself’ as RM always reminds us. So why not bring in the new year by refreshing your skincare routine and giving yourself a little self-love?

Not sure where to start? Don’t worry, I’ve got you! In this blog, I will guide you through my ’10 Step Korean Skincare Routine’. Whether you are new to skincare, on a budget, or looking to change up your existing routine, the products on the list below will not disappoint! They are some of the best I have used myself over the last 5 years of using this method to keep my skin healthy for my English KPOP song covers on YouTube, which you can find here!

All of the products listed here are from YesStyle and you can get a 5% discount using my code ZOZOANN. You can enjoy a further discount if you buy through the product links throughout this blog!


One of the most important things for your skin is to keep it clean, but this must be done gently. I recommend using both day and night oil-based cleansers as they break down make-up and other skincare products that you have used in the day; gently and with ease.

You don’t even need to use a cotton pad for it to work! Just massage into the face and rinse with warm water.

(Photo Credit: THE FACE SHOP)


After removing make-up and stubborn impurities, it’s important to use a water-based cleanser to ensure your skin is super clean. Gel and Foaming cleansers have been more popular in the last few years as they have been found to make people’s skin literally squeaky clean!

Simply massage this into a damp face and again wash off with warm water. This will leave the skin prepped for the rest of the products and help prevent breakouts. The best gel cleanser I have used has is the CORSX – Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser. (Photo Credit: CORSX)


It is not recommended to exfoliate more than twice a week, but it is essential for cleaning pores and removing dead skin cells to keep your skin smooth and to allow your skincare products to be absorbed with ease. I normally exfoliate twice a week, especially after days where I have had to wear heavy make up for a YouTube cover! Recently I have been using the SKIN&LAB – Gently Vita Exfoliator and I love the feeling of it since, as gross as this may sound, you can feel the dead skin being removed so you know it’s actually doing a good job!

(Photo Credit: SKIN&LAB)


Toning is one of the most important steps to prep your skin for the heavier products used later in this routine. It helps to remove residue, balance pH levels and nourishes the skin so that it can absorb the vital ingredients from your skincare products like a sponge. Whilst I am currently obsessed with the PIXI glow tonic, my favourite Korean toner has to be the Etude House Wonder Pore Freshner which also has a friendly price tag!

(Photo Credit: Style Vanity)


Essences are more lightweight than regular creams, but are heavier than a toner, as they are concentrated with essential treatment ingredients to combat a number of skin concerns such as complexion, ageing and condition.

Because of this they can be incredibly expensive (did someone say SKII?), but have no fear, there are many essences on the market that have almost exactly the same ingredients, such as the MISSHA – Time Revolution The First Treatment Essence Rx. (Photo Credit: My Beauty Logic)

This essence is extremely effective at tackling almost every skin concern. Since using this essence, I have found my skin to be not only clearer, but younger due to its hydrating properties. It is best to use your hand to apply and gently pat into the face and the neck.


Serums and ampoules are used next in this 10 Step Routine to really target the specific skin concerns we all tend to have. This is where you bring out the big fighters against acne, fines lines, wrinkles and uneven skin tone. You only need to use a small amount of serum or ampoule as there are a lot of powerful ingredients packed into them.

For example, if you want to focus on anti-aging, use a serum with Retinol such as the YEOUTH – Retinol 2.5% Serum, although be sure to follow through to the final step of sunscreen in this Skincare Routine, as this ingredient, whilst working miracles, can make your skin more susceptible to UV rays. (Photo Credit: Amazon)


No matter your age, eye cream is still an important part of a good skincare routine. The skin around our eyes is the thinnest and therefore the earliest place to lose elasticity. Because of this skin’s delicacy, a number of factors can create many problems for the area such as puffiness, dark circles, fine lines and wrinkles. Using an eye cream is really useful for reducing and preventing these types of problems.

Apply it with your fourth finger by dabbing lightly (beware, if you rub you pull the skin and increase the risk of the very problems you are trying to solve!). I have done so much research on eye creams in the past and I have to say the only one that has actually worked for me is the MIZON – Snail Repair Eye Cream. Who knew snail mucus had the power to combat fine lines and dark circles?! (Photo Credit: Hikoco)


Using moisturiser is like creating a protective seal on your skin so that it can absorb all of the ingredients from the products you have previously used. There are countless moisturisers on the market, and what you want from your skin routine will determine which one you end up choosing. Admittedly, I have been using coconut oil as it works really well with my combination skin.

However, not everyone’s skin is suited for the heaviness of using an oil-based moisturiser. As effective and natural as it may be, if you have issues with your pores, adding too much oil in your routine could cause more breakouts. If you know breakouts are an issue for you, I suggest using something with Collagen such as the Etude House – Moistfull Collagen Cream to keep the skin hydrated, but also increase elasticity.

(Photo Credit: Sukoshi Mart)


Even though sheet masks are a part of this routine, it is definitely not something you use every single day! Sheet masks help lock in even more moisture and product, not to mention they are incredibly relaxing to use, especially if they have been cooled in the fridge beforehand.

Sheet masks come in countless varieties so you can use different types and brands depending on what you want to focus on. Some sheet masks focus on brightening, whilst others really are created to help you reduce stress. I have way too many facemasks to recommend, but I have to say one of my favourite collections is the innisfree – Skin Clinic Mask which has 13 types for all skincare needs.

Be careful not to fall asleep with a sheet mask on though, as if you leave them on for too long the material can actually start to absorb moisture from your skin and dry it out. (Photo Credit: H2Bees)


If you have gotten this far, then congratulations! But, whilst we may be on the last step, it is certainly not the least! Applying sunscreen to your face and neck on a daily basis is the single most effective way to keep your skin healthy and young, as well as, reducing your risk of serious skin conditions.

The main thing to look for when choosing a sunscreen is the SPF level. You want something with a high level of protection so you can go longer before reapplying. No matter which sunscreen I use, it’s always the first product to run out after a skincare haul and the one thing I have to replace the most, so I suggest something that is budget friendly such as the Etude House – Sunprise Must Daily Lotion SPF50+ PA+++ (Photo Credit: Amazon)

Well, fellow KPOP and beauty fans, we have come to the end of my guide to the '10 Step Korean Skincare Routine' – you made it! I do hope this has given you some insight into the wonderful world of Korean skincare and if you have any questions (or simply want to listen to your favourite KPOP songs in English), then do not hesitate to contact me via my socials below!

Until next time stay safe and have a happy new year! Don't forget to check out the Giveaway details below!

Lots of love,







To kick-start 2021 and combat the January blues, especially during these challenging times, we are thrilled to have a 'BTS Care Package' Giveaway (worth over £25!) to remind you to love yourself and treat yourself, with a little help from BTS!

The BTS Care Package (below and picture underneath):

  1. A full set of the 8 postcards from our latest BTS 'Stamps' Collection, which celebrates the BTS album cover designs.

  2. A face covering to keep you safe and remind you to love yourself, featuring one of the designs from our, soon to be launched, BTS 'Jigsaw' Collection (don't forget to always wear a face-covering when outside unless medically exempt!)

  3. An inspiring postcard design from our 'Keep Calm & Carry On' Collection.

  4. A full set of Samsung BTS photocards!

  5. A Korean beauty sheet mask from the Hello Tiger range to help rejuvenate you.


1. LIKE our Instagram giveaway post on our Instagram account posted on 15/01/2021, COMMENT on your favourite BTS song, FOLLOW our account if you do not already, and TAG a friend to the post.

2. Do the SAME AS ABOVE for Zozo's giveaway post on Zozo's Instagram account posted on 15/1/2021 (a different friend may be tagged).

3. To DOUBLE YOUR CHANCES OF WINNING, watch Zozo's video released today on her YouTube Channel for the instructions. If you are not already a subscriber of the channel please subscribe and then you can enter the Giveaway this way for a second shot at winning.

The CLOSING DATE to enter the giveaway by doing the steps above is 22/01/2021.

The WINNER will be randomly selected on 23/01/2021 so do make sure you complete all the above steps in time!

**The winner will be notified by DM on Instagram, so please keep an eye on your inbox!


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