BTS Taehung's Birthday and Guest Blog: Artist Collaboration - BlackPhoenix Art! (30/12/2020)

Today, on BTS Kim Taehyung's Birthday, LKS is presenting its first guest blogger! Celebrating Taehyung's love for Art and Cartoon Artwork, and in honour of his birthday, we are delighted to launch a NEW range of merch: BANGTANTOON!

We are so excited to partner with an amazing digital artist, Safia Miller of BlackPhoenix Art, to create a special BTS caricature design with a UK theme for us! We are launching two designs today; BTS and Taehyung, and the other members will follow in due course!

For Taehyung's birthday, we will donate profits made from sales of the Taehyung BangtanToon merch to a named charity (see Taehyung's Birthday page). Additionally, in collaboration with Safia, we have a SPECIAL GIVEAWAY for one lucky reader (read on for details!)

As you read Safia's blog, we are sure you will be intrigued to read her special story and journey to becoming the uniquely talented and creative artist she has become today, and will still flourish in the future.