WELCOME TO "Taehyung Birthday Special" 
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  We are celebrating TAEHYUNG'S Birthday!

  • Special giveaway for one lucky customer (details below!)

  • Launch of new LKS collection BangtanToons - BTS plus individual artwork for Tae!

  • Supporting BTS fanart from our Guest Artist's blog!

  • Charity donation from profits of the Taehyung BangtanToon merch


Taehyung BangtanToon Collection  (#BTSFanArt)

Taehyung Compound Collection 


  • We proudly present the newly discovered: "Taesucrose" (derived from the sweet Sucrose).
  • Science themed fun!
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Taehyung Bangtanagram Collection  (#BTSconnect)

  • Celebrating how worldwide icon Kim Taehyung's connects to us by being our inspiration.

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Taehyung Crossword Collection 


  • How about showing off iconic aspects of BTS' beloved Taehyung all cleverly linked together! 
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Happy Birthday Taehyung!

생일 축하 지민 

Celebrate Taehyungs's birthday with our special designs dedicated to a World Legend!

Profits from the Taehyung BangtanToon merch will go towards the fundraiser #HelpingHandWithTae raising money for the LN4 Hand Project, as organised by OneInAnArmy.

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We have a lucky winner of our special giveaway worth over £15!

Our guest blogger and collaborator Safia Miller kindly gave an exclusive giveaway of her Taehyung artwork merch, and we added a couple of our BTS merch too (as below)!

Sorry if you did not win this time - look out for more giveaways coming soon this month!

  • from Safia: Taehyung keyring; Maknae Line postcard; Taehyung Bandana Face sticker; Taehyung Full-body sticker.

  • from LKS: Bulletproof Greetings Card (A5), Taehyung Compound postcard from our own exclusive and original range!

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