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June Blog: Butter Together - Congratulations BTS & ARMY plus new BTS jewellery collections at LKS!

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

Hi everyone and welcome to our June blog celebrating the ever-rising success of BTS!

We love listening to Butter! Many congratulations to BTS and all at HYBE for their hard work - we wish you even greater successes to come. Well done also to all ARMY whose dedicated support over the years and of this latest fabulous summer hit has achieved even further worldwide recognition of these seven amazing Artists. #bestfandom!

We watched the dynamic and creative performances of Sowoozoo, BTS' 8th Muster, which was as close to a live concert as we have experienced in recent times, and we have to admit we got rather emotional at times. It was so much fun to bop along at home knowing so many people around the world were watching the concert together as we lit our mobile torches and waved lightsticks from all across the globe.

To commemorate these lovely new memories and the well-deserved success of BTS who are celebrating their 8th year together as well as 5 weeks of Butter at number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 (US), we introduce to you the beautifully hand-engraved "BTS Sketch Medallion" of all seven members and "BTS Name Medallion" collections from La Bouclette, coming soon to you at LKS!

Please read our previous blog by La Bouclette (February 2021) for the story on how La Bouclette came to be the popular unique bespoke jewellers they are now, bringing you the latest fashion trends straight from Seoul, South Korea!

We are proud ARMY and advocate promoting unique Art and Artists - we believe we are all "Butter" Together, haha! We are sure that you will love to collect these edgy, hand-engraved pieces shipped from South Korea, delivered to you here in the UK, or anywhere else in the world!

We wish you a safe and happy month ahead!

The BTS hand-engraved medallion collections are coming soon to our online jewellery shop La Bouclette @ London Kpop Street!

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