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Designed by London Kpop Street

BTS - connect us to our best self!

We are all connected by BTS, their music and the values they demonstrate!


As advocates for wellbeing and admirers of the exemplary personal qualities BTS demonstrate as role-models, we bring you this collection of Connect theme-based designs. We hope these designs will remind us all of the constant hard-work every member of BTS still undertake to take their ambitions even further and inspire us to work towards our own goals in life! C'mon ARMY let's geddit!

We chose one well-known trait for each multi-talented member. Also available in this range:

Seokjin - Our Confidence: shows us how to be confident in ourselves and to love ourselves - you can do it ARMY!

Yoongi aka Suga - Our Resilience: teaches us to persevere, despite challenges, and work hard to achieve our dreams

Hoseok aka J-Hope - Our Hope: brings us hope and sunshine to let us keep the faith and never give up on our goals

Namjoon - Our Aspiration: an excellent & hard-working Leader, a speaker at the United Nations, he is a fantastic role-model to aspire to 

Jimin - Our Determination: teaches us to always keep going and improve ourselves until we are the best at what we do

Taehyung aka V - Our Inspiration: inspires us to explore our different talents and never stop working to excel at these

Jungkook - Our Innocence: attaining global fame at such a young age with his many talents, he shows us how to remain modest and respectful

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