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Designed by London Kpop Street



As advocates for education and STEM subjects (Science, Technology, English, Maths), we were thrilled to design Chemical Compounds for all the BTS members! 

All the elements in Jungkook's compound connect perfectly together.



derived from Dopamine - innocent happiness!


You can buy Jungkook's compound postcard here!




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To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.


We are all connected by BTS and their music!

Also available are:

BTS - the perfect drug to cure our sadness!

Namjoon - Namffeine - unbeatable driving force

Seokjin - Norejinephrine - joy personified

Yoongi aka Suga - Suga(r) - original sweetness

Hoseok - Hobidrenaline - boundless energy

Jimin - Serotojimin - brings the feel-good factor

Taehyung - Taesucrose - uniquely sweet


Hooray! Daebak! 대박!