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Unique collector's BTS Merch to celebrate BTS, London and support Fanart!

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BTS BangtanToon
BTS BangtanToon
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Taehyung BangtanToon
Taehyung BangtanToon
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Mug only £10.50
Cotton tote bag only £11.46!
Pullover Sweater £30.79
Hardcover Journal £14.14
Laptop Sleeve £28.28
Clock £20.21
Sticker (transparent) £2.16
Backpack £40.97
Baseball ¾ Sleeve T-Shirt £21.06
Throw pillow from £13.80
Fitted T-shirt £17.38
Travel Mug £17.66
Lightweight Hoodie £29.13
Clock £20.21



Created by Safia Miller of BlackPhoenix Art especially for London Kpop Street


We developed this design in collaboration with super talented Digital Artist Safia to create unique cartoons of the BTS members with a London theme. 

We love supporting Artists and as fans of Fanart ourselves (especially of BTS!), we are delighted to introduce to you Safia. Check out her blog written especially for us here!

We hope this design will bring back great memories of the BTS Tour in London. Look out for many more designs coming your way with our BangtanToons!

Also available in this range:

BTS BangtanToon

RM aka Namjoon BangtanToon

Jin aka Seokjin BangtanToon

SUGA aka Yoongi BangtanToon

J-Hope aka Hoseok BangtanToon

Jimin BangtanToon

V  aka Taehyung BangtanToon

Jungkook BangtanToon

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